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Full Market Research

We use our strong market research experience to provide your brand with insightful outputs, both qualitative and quantitative, on a global level. Reframe Research offers a wealth of research expertise and is dedicated and passionate about the work it does. 


Offering Qualitative & Quantitative Research including a wide range of therapy areas for both UK and Global. Incorporating a broad spectrum of all respondent types including patients and HCPs.

Qualitative Techniques:

Conventional approaches enhanced through Reframe’s unique techniques have been developed to uncover physician's internal and external drivers.

  • Landscape Assessment. Unmet Needs: Physician; Patient; Segmentation

  • Brand positioning

  • Communication & messaging

  • Concept development & Testing

  • Detail Aid development & Testing

  • Brand Footprint and ongoing branding to support the brand.

Quantitative Techniques:

Standard Quantitative studies designed to provide large scale samples robust enough to accurately reflect physician thinking including Trade Off; Conjoint and Segmentation.

  • Unmet Needs: Physician Segmentation; Patient Segmentation; Quantification

  • Attitudes, Beliefs & Behaviour

  • Communication Strategy

  • Message Testing

  • Identification of optimal messaging platforms

  • Advertising Concept Testing

  • Detail Aid Testing

  • Brand Equity

  • ATU

  • DFU


Reframing the models developed to maximise insight.

High level input with Director level reporting and insights.

Physician’s Actions;

  • Treatment patterns

  • Market share – 1st Line, 2nd Line, 3rd Line across the different physician types

Patient Insights;

  • Identifying  and analysing specific patient groups

Clinical Trials Assessment:

  • Updating and researching the latest Clinical trials of all competitors

  • Determine possible impact on the market

These are developed specific to your market needs and dependant on product lifecycle.

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