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The Team

Amber –

Amber is an industry-leading data visualization professional and Excel expert with over 12 years’ experience in pharma (client side and agency side) and 8 years in tech/web.

She specializes in the design and development of bespoke executive dashboards, e.g. for tracking brand launch campaigns.

Amber also creates powerful interactive business tools such as for measuring incentive schemes and account prioritization. She is passionate about data quality, usability and design.

Nicola –

Nicola has more than 18 years' experience in national and international qualitative and quantitative market research in pharmaceutical and biotech sectors.


Nicola has worked across a wide range of TAs and has strong primary and secondary experience and has been strongly involved in dashboard management.  Her attention to detail is second to none.

Bee –

Bee’s background is in psychology and she can bring this experience into the market research industry.


Bee has been involved in market research, both qualitative and quantitative for the past 15 years with a strong interest in qualitative research and is a particularly good project manager and a skilled communicator with excellent customer relation skills.

Julia –

Julia is a director level researcher with more than 25 years’ project management and market research/business intelligence experience.


Julia has worked across several disciplines including qualitative and quantitative, primary and secondary research specialising in healthcare.


Additionally Julia has worked within joint ventures across a number of brands and has excellent communication skills.

Heather –

With over 20 years of experience in the healthcare industry combining NHS, agency and client side knowledge, Heather is able to bring a broad perspective to Business Intelligence and strategic insights.


With strong qualitative and quantitative market research skills and good project management skills combined with strong communication skills, Heather is extremely thorough and believes in the importance of being able to balance the bigger picture without losing sight of the detail.

Gill –

27 years in MR covering both quantitative and qualitative but with a special interest in qualitative in the last 18 years.


Gill is an excellent project manager and has strong analytical skills incorporating
an excellent understanding of strategy within brands and also the pharmaceutical market place.

Ursula –

Over 20 years in in quantitative healthcare market research & 3 years as a qualified nurse general & psychiatric nurse.


Ursula’s primary strength lies in the project management of large-scale multi-country tracking research projects and interrogation of secondary data sets.


Additionally she is well versed in a multitude of quantitative research techniques (both implemented online or otherwise); for example, patient monitors, market sizing, segmentation, choice-based conjoint, brand price trade-off & Maxdiff

Tahirah –

Tahirah’s expertise lies in Oncology working on both primary and secondary research for many of the pharma and vendor companies.


Tahirah specialises in secondary data analysis and interpretation.


With strong experience in Project Management, Strategic Planning, Report/Document Design and Generation across a wide number of tumour types means she is an excellent team member and provides great insight.

Karen –

Karen has worked with Reframe for over 2 years and manages the Operations & Accounts  for Reframe – keeping everyone and everything in ship shape!


She is super efficient and a pleasure to have around!

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