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RR Is a team I can count on, responsible, knowledgeable, pro-active and who understand my needs.
Insights CV/Respiratory


Reframe for me means business consultancy and support with a human touch. Human touch not only (but also) in a sense of liking the people and being on the same wavelength, but more-over someone ‘thinking’ in designing, conducting and analyzing, such as the methodology itself is the Reframe strength. Furthermore, I always benefitted from healthy Reframe relations to external vendors and partners. On top of that they know primary AND specialty care, not just the fancy primary work but down to secondary nitty gritty patient level subgroup data in biomarker specific 2nd line maintenance :-).
General Manager - Baltic Region; Previous Team Leader


I have collaborated with Reframe Research (RR) on different kinds of projects, involving a variety of approaches like dashboard co-design, data processing, quantitative and qualitative MR management and insights generation, across a number of indications, so I learned to appreciate RR as a trusted partner.

MR Oncology


Reframe has staff offering a wide range of expertise with regards to the international pharma market, agency landscape, methodologies, and our company-internal processes, on which I can rely in case I need flexible support to fill resource gaps.
MR Respiratory/Oncology

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