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Higher levels
of insight
for your brands

Reframe Research Limited began in 2007. Our vision was (and still is) to provide high quality expertise at a ‘fair rate’ that is reasonable to both the client and the executives themselves thus providing flexible, cost effective, highly experienced interim support.


And so… Reframe Research was born!

The Reframe Research Team come from a wide pool of top talent from various backgrounds with a wealth of experience, but we all have one thing in common… 
we are passionate about providing high quality expertise whilst being reliable, responsible and dependable, fitting in as if we were part of your team.

Interim Cover

We provide flexible, cost effective, highly

experienced support with Director level

executives who hit the ground running to

cover short or long-term needs bringing

seamless integration into teams providing

global project management of Market

Research projects.


Reframe has extensive experience delivering industry-leading analytic solutions, specialising in executive dashboards.

Each dashboard is customised to client

needs, offering relevant recommendations

based on KPI requirements & budget.

Full Service Market Research

We use our strong market research experience to provide your brand with insightful outputs, both qualitative and quantitative, on a global level.

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